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Tanfield Metal Spinners are fully automated specialist metal spinners providing metal engineering solutions and the largest tooling range in the UK, for today’s leading manufacturers. Our metal spinning services are flexible and responsive which allows us to offer a wide range of metal forming processes to meet the needs of your project, regardless of scope. 

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    Metal Spinning

    Metal Spinning

    Metal spinning is at the core of Tanfield Metal Spinners’ services. We offer fully automated metal spinning that can be used to create a variety of vital components. From pressure vessels to dished ends, metal cones and more, we can produce a range of functional parts for many sectors.  
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    Our Other Services

    Our expertise and facilities allow for the execution of customised metal spinning projects. We measure and craft products according to your designs. With us, your pioneering projects can be fully realised.
    Our dedicated finishing shop enables us to offer additional surface refining and polishing services. This service is performed by our expert polishers or by our newly developed automation system.
    Tanfield Metal Spinners use a range of tools, including in-house lathe machines. We employ both Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and Playback Numerical Control (PNC) in our machining centres. This efficiency is employed in the process of forming spun parts.
    Our largest hydraulic press has a maximum capacity of 350 tons, a depth of 650mm, and sports a bed size of 1220 x 1500. Our range of pressing equipment means we can produce pressings ranging from 0.7mm to 10.0mm in thickness.
    Tanfield Metal Spinners utilises swaging to create shapes that would be difficult to achieve with other processes such as rods and wires. This lets us offer flexible metal forming services to our customers.
    Our fabrication and welding department is comprehensively equipped with modern facilities. Here, we employ fabrication techniques such as cutting, bending, drilling, and machining which are used to form parts and sub-assemblies.
    We create products that are developed and manufactured to a high level of accuracy. The quality of our process ensures accuracy isn’t lost over repetitions.
    Tanfield offers an expert anodising, electropolishing and pickling & passivating to protect products and components from wear and corrosion. Our process adds an anodic oxide finish to the product by converting the metal’s top layer helping extend the lifespan of the metal products we produce through our other forming services.
    Tanfield Metal Spinners’ laser cutting services are executed with safety and precision. This lets us streamline production through state of the art technology to meet targeted lead times, all while allowing you to save on tooling costs.
    Tanfield excels on high quality workmanship, underpinned by the companies ISO9001 accreditation. As part of ISO 9001 we ahead to an AQL % at the point of spinning with that % being defined by the Quality Manager.
    Two male metal spinners working metal polishing machining product metal pressed product metal spun product metal fabrication and welding metal worker using machinery metal anodising laser cutting machine Tanfield metal spinners


    Metal spinning is a flexible and precise process. As a result, it has manufacturing applications in a wide range of important industries. We cater for businesses in the following sectors: 

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    We believe that collaboration is key! That’s why we work closely with you to ensure that we provide solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

    No drawing? No problem, our expert team will provide one free of charge.

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    Since 1984 we’ve built an enviable first-class reputation based on the highest quality workmanship with the best advice available on metal thickness and tolerance levels.

    We have an open-minded approach to satisfying our customers engineering needs.

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    We pride ourselves on deeply understanding our customers’ needs quickly and effectively. 90% of our quotes are provided within 24 hours.

    We take great pride in our excellent on time deliver performance, helping our customers projects run on time, every time.

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    With our large range of fully automatic spinning lathes, in our 35,000 sq-ft facility, you can be assured of receiving the best solution for your application, along with the very best lifetime value.

    We are very proud to say we are a 100% ‘made in Great Britain’ manufacturer.

    Top things we get asked

    Metal spinning also known as spin forming is a cost-effective process used to form conical, hemispherical, and cylindrical shapes. A starting blank (flat disk) is spun over a tool in a series of sweeps by a forming roller, the metal is progressively shaped onto the tooling to produce the desired shape, producing the finished part.

    In general, metal spinning offers flexibility with low tooling costs and is widely used for either low or high-volume production. Depending on the application, spinning can offer major benefits which often makes it an ideal choice.

    Tanfield Metal Spinners will quote for work up to a radius of 2.4 meters 10mm thick. We also partner with an international spinning company for anything above Tanfield’s current capabilities.

    Our technical engineering department will supply a drawing on your request for a quote, at no additional cost, which can be signed off before order.

    All parts manufactured from Tanfield will have full traceability, all materials that require certification will be automatically sent to our customers on completion of the order.

    The following materials can all be spun. If your project requires a different metal, we can work with many more specialist materials, however these will typically require heat (annealing) to meet your specifications.

    Carbon Steel
    Hastelloy Alloys
    Stainless Steel

    Tanfield prides itself on maintaining a 3–4-week lead time where possible, if tooling is required this can extend the lead times.

    Tanfield’s standard tooling stock is the largest in the country and we invest in it on a yearly basis.

    If your project requires new tooling Tanfield will look at the most cost-effective way to service our customer’s needs.

    Delivery is always a next day service; this can be upgraded to before 12 at an extra cost.

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