Metal Spinning for Food Industry

Tanfield Metal Spinners are very experienced in conducting metal spinning for the food industry. Our extensive metal forming capabilities allow us to fabricate products in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, no matter the scope of your food industry project, we can provide high performance products that meet sector specifications.
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Industry Expertise

As metal spinners that have been in business since 1984, we possess relevant knowledge around key industries such as the food industry. Our skilled workers are aware of the additional health and safety checks that food production processes entail. Tanfield Metal Spinners therefore conducts food industry metal works adhering to these specifications, along with our own ISO9001 standards accreditation.

Food Industry Metal Products  

Tanfield’s range of metal spinning services, which includes pressing, machining, fabricating & welding, polishing, and bespoke metal spinning, enable us to produce parts needed for many food industry processes. Metal spun parts for use in food production can vary drastically in size, which is why our capabilities make us ideal for doing metal spinning work in this industry.  

Our experts can produce work up to a circumference of 2.4 meters and a thickness of 10mm. The result is Tanfield can produce the following metal food industry parts: 

  • Aluminium and stainless steel covers 
  • Bowls of varying depth 
  • Deboning cones 
  • Funnels 
  • Cups 
  • Certain kitchen tools 
  • Collecting vessels 
  • Storage tanks and tank heads 

All our food industry products can perform their intended function over a long lifespan, without a loss in efficiency. Automation enables our metal working processes to be highly repeatable, meaning even large-scale food industry manufacturing can be completed to schedule. 

Capabilities used to Deliver Metal Spun Food Industry Products

At Tanfield, we use industry knowledge to match metal spinning services to our customers’ specifications. For instance, members of our metal spinning team might advise metal swaging or metal pressing to get the best results for a certain project. This also means that if you require unique food industry products, we sit down to discuss what processes will get the best results.  

Of course, the food industry sector also encompasses products used in everyday life. As much of our service processes are informed by the end application of the product, we adjust accordingly. For example, a Tanfield metal spun bowl for use in a factory would look different to one intended for use in a restaurant kitchen. 

We understand that food industry products must be damage resistant, corrosion resistant, and able to withstand high temperatures. To this end, we typically use stainless steel and other variations of the metal. However, specialist materials can be annealed for use when necessary. 

Tanfield has the capabilities necessary to perform and make adjustments in our metal spinning process to accommodate a wide range of materials including:

Carbon Steel
Hastelloy Alloys
Stainless Steel

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