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Metal spinning also known as spin forming is a cost-effective process used to form conical, hemispherical, and cylindrical shapes. A starting blank (flat disk) is spun over a tool in a series of sweeps by a forming roller, the metal is progressively shaped onto the tooling to produce the desired shape, producing the finished part.

In general, Metal spinning offers flexibility with low tooling costs and is widely used for either low or high-volume production. Depending on the application, spinning can offer major benefits which often makes it an ideal choice.

Tanfield Metal spinners will quote for work up to a radius of 2.4 meters 10mm thick. We also partner with an international spinning company for anything above Tanfield current capabilities.

Our technical engineering department will supply a drawing on your request for a quote, at no additional cost, which can be signed off before order.

All parts manufactured from Tanfield will have full traceability, all materials that require certification will be automatically sent to our customers on completion of the order.

The following materials can all be spun. If your project requires a different metal, we can work with many more specialist materials, however these will typically require heat (annealing) to meet your specifications.

Carbon Steel
Hastelloy Alloys
Stainless Steel

Tanfield prides itself on maintaining a 3–4-week lead time where possible, if tooling is required this can extend the lead times.

Tanfield’s standard tooling stock is the largest in the country and we invest in it on a yearly basis.

If your project requires new tooling Tanfield will look at the most cost-effective way to service our customer’s needs.

Delivery is always a next day service; this can be upgraded to before 12 at an extra cost.

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