Metal Work for Playgrounds

Metal playground features and equipment are commonplace in many urban and rural areas. Tanfield Metal Spinners takes great pride in being able to supply quality products for use in playgrounds around the UK. Our extensive metal forming capabilities allow us to fabricate metalwork in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, no matter the scope of your playground project, we can provide cost effective metal working solutions that meet its needs.
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Industry Expertise

As metal spinners that have been in business since 1984, we have seen the nature of playground equipment evolve first hand. This means we have also kept up to date with associated changing health and safety standards of playground metalwork, which our skilled workers guarantee to uphold. Tanfield itself is a company that is recognised as following industry standards in the form of ISO9001 accreditation.

Metal Spun Parts for Playgrounds 

Tanfield’s range of metal spinning services, which includes pressing, machining, fabricating & welding, polishing, and bespoke metal spinning, enable us to produce the components needed for a variety of playgrounds. Metal spun parts for playground equipment can vary drastically depending on the type of motion and stress the metal will be put under. For instance, a metal swing support requires different structural strength to a carousel base. This is why our wide range of metal forming capabilities make us ideal for doing metal spinning work in this sector. 

Our metal spinning process always starts with a debrief on what products and parts are needed for their project. Tanfield can spin parts for use in a range of playground equipment, including the following: 

  • Carousels 
  • Bowls 
  • Spinners 
  • Springers 
  • Slides 
  • Play panels 
  • Accessories 
  • Themed play 

Capabilities used to Deliver Metal Spun Playground Equipment

At Tanfield, we use industry knowledge to match metal spinning services to our customers’ specifications. For instance, members of our metal spinning team might advise metal pressing to create certain shapes, and laser cutting for increased precision. This helps us achieve great results for a variety of projects and environments. It also means that if you require a unique playground design, we sit down to discuss what processes will get the best results. 

Themed playgrounds have the potential to include unusual metal work designs. At Tanfield, we want to encourage creativity, especially in metal spinning work for children’s environments. As a result, our expert team are always willing to rise to the challenge. 

We understand that materials with different properties must be used to ensure the functionality and quality of experience on playgrounds.

Tanfield has the capabilities necessary to perform and make adjustments in our metal spinning process to accommodate a wide range of materials including:

Carbon Steel
Hastelloy Alloys
Stainless Steel

To accommodate large scale playground manufacturing, Tanfield operates primarily out of a 35,000 sq/ft facility. We also offer additional finishing services, such as anodising, to help playground equipment last longer outdoors.

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