Metal Polishing Services

Tanfield Metal Spinners has a dedicated polishing shop with a newly developed fully automated system. Our polishing services can either be performed by a state-of-the-art metal polishing machine, or one of our expert polishers. This process allows your products to take on a mirror-shine finish, along with other practical properties. We often combine years of experience with the most up-to-date equipment to give our customers the highest standard of service. Although metal polishing is a service designed to complement our metal spinning and bespoke metal spinning services, Tanfield still approach it with our usual level of professionalism.
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Our Metal Polishing Process 

The Tanfield metal polishing process can be used to achieve results both visual and practical. We have the capabilities to perform metal polishing with flexibility and quality. Our rougher abrasives allow for the removal of surface imperfections, while finer abrasives have non-marking effects on workpieces. 

Just as our metal spinning services can shape a wide range of metals, our metal polishing process uses a variety of other materials. Our team’s knowledge and experience are such that we utilise different types of abrasives depending on the metal being polished. For instance, Tanfield uses particular abrasives for polishing ferrous metals. 

Finally, our experts use their extensive metal polish knowledge to apply various lubricants when necessary. This can include kerosene, wax, graphite, oils and more. Alongside dry polishing, this lets our metal polishing service meet your exact specifications.

What Metal Polishing Can Do For You 

We recognise that metal polishing can be an important step for many industries where a high level of precision is required. Tanfield’s machine polished products are testament to this. By using our metal polishing services, you’ll be ensuring consistency across even large-scale manufacturing projects.  

Tanfield’s metal polishing service can also greatly increase the lifespan of a workpiece by imbuing it with corrosion resistance. As a result, the process allows businesses to improve the quality of their products and reputation. Our expert polishers therefore make choosing Tanfield a valuable long-term investment. 

Due to the aesthetic and resistant benefits of metal polishing, it sees a lot of application in commercial products. This is because we can polish widely used metals such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, and brass, among others. However, our experts will be happy to provide advice if your project could benefit from metal polishing. 

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