Metal Spun Pressure Vessels

Tanfield Metal Spinners uses metal forming expertise to create many kinds of metal spun parts. Of these, we have vast experience with pressure vessels. The expertly spun pressure vessels produced by our facilities can have drastically different uses across many sectors. Wherever they are utilised, our fabrication of pressure vessels enables the parts to keep their integrity at pressures significantly higher or lower than the ambient level.
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Industry Expertise

Our seasoned professionals possess knowledge relevant to the creation of key parts such as the pressure vessel. The Tanfield team create parts designed for constant use in processes where they are subjected to extreme conditions. Our material and industry knowledge mean we offer pressure vessels produced for the express purpose of supporting your business process.

High quality pressure vessels 

The metal spun parts we create for use in pressure vessels come in a massive range of sizes, from 46mm – 1573mm. Our capabilities incorporate a variety of metal spinning techniques to create the shape needed. We then offer the option to treat the workpiece with finishing processes to instil further properties that are beneficial to the vessels intended application. 

To create pressure vessels that withstand high pressure internal forces, Tanfield Metal Spinners makes sure our forming process doesn’t compromise the integrity of the materials used. As with all our metal spinning services, we adhere to ISO 9001 standards. This framework enables us to deliver pressure vessel products that are consistent, reliable, and meet customer expectations. 

Applications of pressure vessels

Designed to store liquids and gases at varying pressures, pressure vessels see many different applications. This includes:  

  • Heat exchangers
  • Reactors
  • Flash drums
  • Distillation towers
  • Separators.

Pressure vessel fabrication is a service that’s essential for many industries with a focus on processing. Tanfield can provide expertly spun pressure vessels for the safety, chemical, petrochemical and food production sectors. In providing this service, we check any regulations that apply to your industry to ensure the parts fulfil their intended function. 

Tanfield has the capabilities necessary to perform and make adjustments in our metal spinning process to accommodate a wide range of materials including:

Carbon Steel
Hastelloy Alloys
Stainless Steel

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