Metal Work for Safety

Safety products and equipment are used by a wide range of industries to protect employees and customers from potentially dangerous situations. Tanfield Metal Spinners can provide cost effective metal working solutions for safety applications within your industry. If you have project-specific safety concerns, we can examine your risk assessment to determine the best path forward.
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Industry Expertise

Health & Safety has been a priority of Tanfield Metal Spinners ever since we started operating. As metal spinners that have been in business since 1984, we know what goes into making effective metal spun safety products. When working on safety projects, we make sure the products provided meet specifications. This takes into consideration the environment, application, and the customer design. Our high-quality working practices in areas such as safety has resulted in ISO9001 accreditation.

Metal Products for Safety 

Tanfield’s range of metal spinning services, which includes pressing, machining, fabricating & welding, polishing, and bespoke metal spinning, enable us to produce a variety of safety equipment. Metal spun parts for safety can vary drastically in size, depending on their role. For example, a construction site gangway needs railings to ensure workers don’t fall off. However, the same workers might also need steel toe caps which are much smaller. This is why Tanfield’s capabilities make us ideal for doing metal spinning work in this industry.  

Our experts can produce work up to a circumference of 2.4 meters and a thickness of 10mm. The result is Tanfield can produce the following metal safety parts: 

  • Warning devices such as bells and horns 
  • Storage vessels 
  • Tank heads 
  • Dished ends 
  • Bases and mounts 

All our safety sector products can perform their intended function over a long lifespan, without a loss in effectiveness. 

Capabilities used to Deliver Metal Spun Industrial Safety Products

At Tanfield, we use industry knowledge to match metal spinning services to our customers’ specifications. For instance, members of our metal spinning team might advise metal swaging or metal pressing to get the best results for a certain project. This also means that if you require unique safety products, we sit down to discuss what processes will get the best results.  

We have a large range of automatic spinning lathes, hydraulic metal presses, swaging machines, and tools to create safety products. This gives us the capacity to scale operations in line with the needs of your project. Tanfield Metal Spinners prides itself on maintaining a 3-4 week lead time where possible. Resultantly, we ensure projects that require additional safety equipment aren’t faced with delays. 

We understand that certain safety equipment must be able to withstand certain conditions, such as the effects of corrosion, blunt force, extreme temperatures, friction, crushing, and penetrating.

Tanfield has the capabilities necessary to perform and make adjustments in our metal spinning process to accommodate a wide range of materials including:

Carbon Steel
Hastelloy Alloys
Stainless Steel

Specialist materials can be annealed for use when necessary. Tanfield also offers anodising as an additional treatment service to ensure safety equipment retains a high level of protection over time. 

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