Bespoke Metal Spinning

As one of the UK’s leading experts in metal spinning, there are very few manufacturing projects that are beyond our capabilities. With our bespoke metal spinning services, we adapt to meet your project’s exact specifications. When you work with our team, you have access to metal spinning services that are entirely unique to your organisation and purpose. We use our expertise to consider which materials and processes will produce the best results for your project.
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Our Custom Metal Spinning Process 

Tanfield’s bespoke metal spinning process starts with a thorough debrief of the initial design. This allows us to allocate our resources accordingly and ensure your project work follows quality control measures and all relevant regulations. 

The design then changes hands to our expert metal spinning team. The Tanfield metal spinning process can then be followed to our typical level of quality and control. 

If you don’t have a drawing, our technical engineering department will supply a drawing upon your request for a quote, at no additional cost. This drawing can be signed off before placing an order. 

Bespoke Metal Spinning Applications 

As commercial metal spinners, we aim to meet our customer’s needs no matter the sector. Tanfield Metal Spinners can shape a variety of bespoke metal spun components and parts with wide ranging applications.  

Let’s say you need bespoke metal work for a dynamic industry such as Cryogenics. Our highly trained and experienced spinners can execute your designs with precision. In addition, we often shape bespoke metal spun products for safety, agriculture, air movement, playground, and food industry businesses. 

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We believe that collaboration is key! That’s why we work closely with you to ensure that we provide solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

No drawing? No problem, our expert team will provide one free of charge.

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Since 1984 we’ve built an enviable first-class reputation based on the highest quality workmanship with the best advice available on metal thickness and tolerance levels.

We have an open-minded approach to satisfying our customers engineering needs.

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We pride ourselves on deeply understanding our customers’ needs quickly and effectively. 90% of our quotes are provided within 24 hours.

We take great pride in our excellent on time deliver performance, helping our customers projects run on time, every time.

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With our large range of fully automatic spinning lathes, in our 35,000 sq-ft facility, you can be assured of receiving the best solution for your application, along with the very best lifetime value.

We are very proud to say we are a 100% ‘made in Great Britain’ manufacturer.

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