Inspection and Quality

ISO 9001 plays a crucial role in our commitment to quality. ISO 9001 provides us with a structured framework that ensures consistency and reliability in our products and services. By adhering to ISO 9001 standards, we can confidently say that we consistently meet customer expectations.
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Customer Assurance 

ISO 9001 has streamlined our quality inspections, improved decision-making, and encouraged a culture of continuous improvement. ISO 9001 is our way of assuring our customers that we take quality seriously. It’s a valuable tool for maintaining our competitiveness and ensuring that every product or service we provide meets high-quality standards. As part of ISO 9001 we adhere to an AQL percentage at the point of spinning with that percentage being defined by the Quality Manager. 

Standard inspection points: 

  • ID or OD measurement 
  • Overall height 
  • Straight flat length 
  • Radius 
  • Spherical 
  • Post spinning material minimum thickness 

We also use a pass/fail gauge to quickly and accurately determine whether a component or product meets our customer demands. 

We offer Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), First Article Inspection Report (FAIR), Samples run inspections along with our own standard inspections. Additional inspection requirements will be considered with all orders.  


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We believe that collaboration is key! That’s why we work closely with you to ensure that we provide solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

No drawing? No problem, our expert team will provide one free of charge.

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Since 1984 we’ve built an enviable first-class reputation based on the highest quality workmanship with the best advice available on metal thickness and tolerance levels.

We have an open-minded approach to satisfying our customers engineering needs.

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We pride ourselves on deeply understanding our customers’ needs quickly and effectively. 90% of our quotes are provided within 24 hours.

We take great pride in our excellent on time deliver performance, helping our customers projects run on time, every time.

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With our large range of fully automatic spinning lathes, in our 35,000 sq-ft facility, you can be assured of receiving the best solution for your application, along with the very best lifetime value.

We are very proud to say we are a 100% ‘made in Great Britain’ manufacturer.

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