Tank ends: Tanfield Metal Spinners’ Expertise (Dished ends, Flat Flanged ends & Hemispheres)

Tank ends: Tanfield Metal Spinners’ Expertise (Dished ends, Flat Flanged ends & Hemispheres)

At Tanfield Metal Spinners, we are masters in the art of metal spinning, and our specialty lies in crafting precision tank ends. With a wealth of experience in this craft, we take pride in our ability to manufacture tank ends that meet the highest standards. Our expertise extends to manufacturing tank ends ranging from 200mm to 2000mm in diameter, using a wide spectrum of materials, from 1mm mild steel to 10mm stainless steel.

Types of Tank ends 

Tank heads or pressure vessel heads, often referred to as Dished and Flanged ends, come in various shapes and sizes, each meticulously designed for specific applications. The primary types include: 

  1. Torispherical 6% and 10% Dished End: These possess a shallow, dished shape with a knuckle radius. Widely used in pressure vessels and storage tanks, they are known for their structural integrity. 
  2. Elliptical Dished End: Featuring a pronounced elliptical shape, these ends are versatile and find applications in various industries, from cookware to industrial containers.
  3. 2:1 Semi-Elliptical Dished End: These heads are segments of an ellipse and are commonly used in pressure vessels and storage tanks, offering efficient stress distribution properties. 
  4. Table 7 Storage type ens. Shallow tank style ends for storage or generally in accordance with BS2594  
  5. Joggled Ends to European standards EN286-1 1991. 
  6. Flat flanged End: Known for their flat dished shape with no knuckle radius, they are suitable for applications where a smooth interior finish is essential. 
  7. Hemispherical End: Spherical in shape, these are typically employed in high-pressure vessels, such as boilers and nuclear reactors, where strength and pressure containment are paramount. 
  8. Toriconical Dished End: These are a combination of a toroidal and a conical shape, often used in the fabrication of storage tanks and pressure vessels, providing both strength and efficient use of space. Also referred to as a cone.  
  9. Dished Plate: A dished plate is a flat plate with a curved or dished shape. It is commonly used in the construction of tanks, silos, and various containers. 


The Functions of Dished Ends 

Dished ends serve several crucial functions across diverse industries: 

  1. Pressure Containment: These ends are integral components of pressure vessels, ensuring the safe containment of gases and liquids under high pressures. 
  2. Uniform Stress Distribution: Their unique curvature helps distribute stress uniformly across the surface, reducing the risk of material failure. 
  3. Improved Aesthetics: Beyond functionality, dished ends can add an aesthetically pleasing finish to products, making them ideal for architectural and decorative applications.


Industries Using Dished Ends 

Dished ends find applications in a wide range of industries, including: 

Dished ends are used in the fabrication of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and pipelines, ensuring the safe containment and transportation of oil, gas, and related products.

Pressure vessels in chemical and petrochemical plants rely on dished ends to withstand high-pressure environments while containing potentially hazardous substances.

In the food and beverage industry, dished ends are employed in the production of tanks for storing and processing liquids such as beer, milk, and wine.

Dished ends play a crucial role in the fabrication of pharmaceutical vessels used in the production of medications and sterile substances.

They are used in aircraft construction, specifically in the design of engine components and aerospace fuel tanks.

Power plants, both conventional and nuclear, utilise dished ends in the construction of boilers and pressure vessels that generate electricity.

Dished ends are incorporated into architectural designs, sculptures, and decorative structures, where their unique shapes add aesthetic appeal.

Tailoring Standard Dished Ends to Your Requirements 

In addition to adhering to industry standards, we understand that every project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer the flexibility to tailor our standard dished ends to your specific needs. Whether you require customized dimensions, shapes, or materials, our skilled artisans and state-of-the-art equipment are ready to adapt our standard dished ends to meet your unique specifications. 

As your trusted partner for precision metalwork, we are committed to delivering dished ends that not only meet your requirements but also surpass your expectations in terms of quality, performance, and aesthetics. Whether it’s for pressure vessels, architectural applications, or industrial components, we look forward to serving your unique needs with our top-quality, ISO-accredited dished ends. 

Adhering to Standards with ISO Accreditation

At Tanfield Metal Spinners, we take immense pride in our commitment to quality and precision. Our dished ends are not just any dished ends; they are crafted to meet and exceed industry standards. We hold ISO accreditation, a testament to our dedication to delivering excellence in every product we manufacture. 

With ISO accreditation, our customers can be confident that our dished ends adhere to internationally recognized quality management standards. This accreditation ensures that our processes are consistently monitored and improved, leading to products that meet the highest industry benchmarks. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have questions about dished ends, their applications, or our manufacturing capabilities? Check out these commonly asked questions: 


What materials can Tanfield Metal Spinners work with for dished ends? 

We have extensive experience working with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, and more. Our versatility in material selection allows us to meet the unique needs of each project. 


Can you explain the differences between the various types of dished ends in terms of their applications and advantages? 

Certainly! Each type of dished end has specific advantages based on its shape. Torispherical ends offer structural integrity, while semi-elliptical ends provide efficient stress distribution. Flat dished ends are ideal for a smooth interior finish, and hemispherical ends excel in high-pressure applications. 


How does Tanfield Metal Spinners ensure the durability and longevity of its dished ends? 

We prioritise quality and precision in our manufacturing process. Our dished ends undergo rigorous testing, including stress analysis, and we follow industry best practices to ensure their durability and longevity in various applications. 


Do you offer custom surface finishes for dished ends, such as polishing or coatings? 

Yes, we offer a variety of surface finish options, including polishing and coatings, to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements. These finishes can enhance the appearance and corrosion resistance of the dished ends. 


What is the typical lead time for manufacturing dished ends at Tanfield Metal Spinners? 

Lead times can vary depending on the complexity and quantity of the order. We are committed to providing efficient and timely service. Contact us with your specific requirements, and we will provide you with a personalised lead time estimate. 


Can you assist with the design and engineering of dished ends for our specific project? 

Absolutely! We have a team of skilled engineers and designers who can work closely with you to develop dished ends that meet your project’s unique requirements. We offer design and engineering support to ensure the best possible solution for your application. 


Is there a minimum or maximum order quantity for dished ends from Tanfield Metal Spinners? 

We can accommodate orders of various sizes, from small quantities to large-scale production. Whether you need a single dished end or a bulk order, we are ready to serve your needs. 

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