How to choose the best metal spinning method for your project

How to choose the best metal spinning method for your project

Choosing the best spinning method for your project involves considering various factors such as material requirements, production volume, part complexity, and cost restrictions. The metal spinning process creates cylindrical parts by rotating a metal disc or tube by shaping it. It’s a useful process for projects with specific requirements as it can be tailored to meet the needs of the application for the metal spun part. In this guide we’ll be exploring the key steps to help you determine the best metal spinning method for your project.  

Define project requirements 

Before deciding on the right metal spinning process, you first need to ensure that the full requirements and scope of the project is clearly laid out. This involves identifying the specifications of the project such as the type of material needed, thickness, dimensions, and tolerances. In addition, you should consider the intended use and any particular performance requirements that might be needed.  

For example, if you need dished ends for a pressure vessel, the part will need to be able to withstand very high levels of pressure as well as be strong, corrosion resistant, and long lasting. Therefore, you will need to utilise experienced metal spinners like Tanfield to ensure your full project requirements are met and the right process followed to efficiently create the component you need. 

Tolerance and surface finish requirements 

Determining the tolerances your project needs will mostly be in relation to the function of what the component is going to have. In some instances, the metal-spun part won’t need to be the same thickness throughout, but it’s important to specify if your project requires a uniform thickness.  

Expert metal spinners will have the knowledge and understanding of where to focus stress points during the process. Also, it is beneficial to know the surface finish your part needs to make sure it’s finished effectively to meet the standards and needs of the project.  

Cost considerations 

A cost analysis is an essential part of any project when choosing which metal spinning process is best for your needs. Metal spinning is a highly efficient metal forming process and has many benefits in comparison to other metal processes, where small batch production would be too costly in metal forming better suited to larger projects.  

As mentioned above it can be beneficial to use lighter and cheaper materials for certain projects as metal spinning can harden it. Also, there is often less waste involved in metal spinning methods, which will lower your costs and offer compelling benefits.  



The factors above can all be useful in helping to choose the best metal spinning method for your project. If you’re looking for professional, high-quality custom metal spinning services for your project, Tanfield Metal Spinners can help. Contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements by email at or by calling 0191 4193377.

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