Can you spin stainless steel?

Can you spin stainless steel?

The metal spinning process is extremely flexible in how it can be used by businesses to achieve their project goals. A large reason for this is the range of different materials that can be used and incorporated. Stainless steel is rightly in high demand by certain businesses for use in particular products.  

In this blog, we’ll go into detail about whether or not stainless steel can be used in metal spinning and if so, what parts can be made.


Why use stainless steel in metal spinning? 

Stainless steel is a type of steel that is differentiated by the presence of certain other metals. Namely, a minimum of 10.5% chromium in combination with additives including manganese, nickel, molybdenum. This material is often chosen due to its corrosion resistance, tensile strength, toughness, rigidity, and resistance to high temperatures and pressures. 

The properties of stainless steel therefore make it an ideal choice for the following parts and products: 

  • Pressure Vessels 
  • Kitchenware such as pans and appliances. 
  • Vehicle components. 
  • Aircraft. 
  • Architecture. 
  • Equipment that has to undergo sterilisation. 
  • Surgical implants. 

By working with stainless steel to ISO 9001 standards, we have been able to help businesses in the food industry, air movement, and renewable energy industries to name a few.


What can be made using stainless steel? 

Stainless steel, along with mild steel (carbon steel), aluminium, and titanium, can be used to make metal spun parts. In fact, metal spinning services are ideal for using this metal as it doesn’t compromise its inherent properties. Where other processes such as cutting or casting can alter the integrity of the material, metal spinning creates seamless parts devoid of weak spots. Furthermore, the compression achieved through metal spinning can result in the grain structure of the metal getting refined, leading to an improvement in mechanical properties. 

Tanfield Metal Spinners can work with stainless steel in a variety of ways to meet your needs. Our tooling stock features many tools specifically for the spinning of stainless steel. As such, we can produce any of the following parts accurately and with minimal waste: 

  • Pressure vessels. 
  • Tank heads including flanged ends and dished ends. 
  • Circular container bases and lids. 
  • Cones and funnels. 
  • Hemispheres and torispheres.


Expert stainless steel metal spinners 

As a UK metal spinning company at the forefront of the industry, Tanfield Metal Spinners wouldn’t where it is today without an affinity for steel in all its forms. Our significant capabilities allow us to shape stainless steel parts and components to an exceedingly high degree of accuracy. Whatever the scope and application of your project, we employ our metal spinning knowledge to ascertain the best choice of metal and the techniques that should be used. You can get in touch with us by using any of the contact information on our website. 

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