Benefits of metal polishing for your next project

Benefits of metal polishing for your next project

Polishing is often seen as an optional extra for metal manufacturing projects. However, it can in fact serve many important functions depending on the nature of the project, the company, and the products being created. This post explores why metal polishing is beneficial for many projects that utilise spun metal parts.


Types of metal polishing

A strength of metal polishing services is that there are many different types of polish and polishing techniques which can used on metal surfaces. Each way to polish metal can lead to different surface finishes or practical benefits, so it’s worth checking with your manufacturing partner what options they have. Possible methods include:

  • Polishing discs
  • Abrasive compounds
  • Fine grit polish (rotary polish)
  • Solvents and acids
  • Machine buffing

Polishing is a type of finishing process that Tanfield Metal Spinners can offer, along with Anodising, Electropolishing, and Pickling & Passivating.


What can be achieved through metal polishing

Metal polishing can be used to great effect by companies in many industries due to the effects it can have on spun metal products. This includes food industry equipment and products, ducting for air movement, and many more. These potential benefits of metal polishing include:

Polishing enhances the appearance of metal surfaces, making them shiny, reflective, and visually appealing. This is particularly important for products intended for consumer use or applications where aesthetics matter.

Polishing can result in the removal of surface imperfections and contaminants that contribute to corrosion. By smoothing out the surface of the metal, polishing reduces the likelihood of corrosion, which can prolong the lifespan of the product and improve its durability.

Polished metal surfaces are easier to clean and maintain compared to rough or textured surfaces. This is particularly advantageous in industries where hygiene and sterilisation are essential, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Polished surfaces provide a clean and smooth substrate for applying coatings or plating. The absence of surface imperfections ensures better adhesion of the coating or plating material, often resulting in a more uniform and durable finish.

A well-polished product can reflect attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, which can positively influence customer perception of the brand and its products. This might be a priority for brands who are focused on supplying luxury products to their customers.

Expertise in large scale metal polishing

The team at Tanfield Metal Spinners are experienced in many forms of metal polishing and as such, we know when it is beneficial for applications. For instance, there are many cases where we recommend polishing on the grounds that it can improve the safety of certain products in the workplace. Our professional metal polishing exists alongside our metal spinning services to provide complete solutions for manufacturing projects. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form on the website or by calling direct.

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