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Tanfield was founded in 1984

In 1999, Tanfield increased its production capacity by its first purchase of a Leifeld PNC Automatic spinning lathe. The investment was quickly followed by the acquisition of a further Leifeld Automatic spinning machine, the machine fleet is now 12 machines.

In 2001 Tanfield moved to its current site of 25,000 sq.ft., 50 times the size of our original factory.

In 2003 Tanfield bought Drakesons GMS, which specialised in the manufacture of larger diameter components of up to 3000mm with a range of material thicknesses up to 13mm.

In 2009 Tanfield invested in both Joggling/Trimming and Beading machines, this significant investment in plant, machinery and facilities, has given us an in-house tool making section and an Auto Cad design/engineering department which has made Tanfield Metal Spinners one of the largest metal spinning companies in the UK.

Tanfield now has one of the largest selections of standard stock spinning tools within the industry for dished ends, flat flanged ends and hemispheres. This enables Tanfield to produce many components for customers, on stock tools, with no tooling costs.

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